We’re two novice allotmenteers in the north-west of England. In fact, we know nothing about gardening at all so are hoping to learn everything as we go! We got our allotment kind of out of the blue after only being on the list for 6 months, and having expected a wait of several years.

Our plot was in a terrible state when we took it on – and still is, in fact! It was covered in marestail, which we’d never even heard of before. The bits of land that weren’t filled with this horrible, persistent weed were covered in rubbish, broken glass and brambles. It’s fair to say we had our work cut out!

Our plot is very much a work in progress but we’re looking forward to documenting its transformation on this blog. We hope eventually to build up a resource to help other complete beginners to gardening and allotmenteering and to provide a little inspiration when it all just seems too much!